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  1. Henna_Body_Painting_Kit_-_Original Henna_Body_Painting_Kit_-_Original

    Henna Body Painting Kit - Original

    The Earth Henna Kit contains everything you'll need to start creating beautiful body art and temporary tattoos with henna.

    Makes 30-40 designs!

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  2. Pendulum - Bronze THOTH Pendulum - Bronze THOTH

    Pendulum - Bronze THOTH

    Bronze Thoth pendulum is a replica of the pendulum found in the Great Pyramids. It is said this Egyptian pendulum easily charges itself with the waveform of whatever we want to know. It's a common pendulum in France. Learn More

  3. Shell_Pearl_Nautilus

    Shell Pearl Nautilus

    A beautiful piece for meditation and inspiration. The nautilus, from the Greek for sailor, is a nocturnal creature, spending most of its life at ocean depth. Its shell, lined with mother-of-pearl, grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life and so has become a symbol for expansion and renewal. Sometimes called a living fossil for its long existence on the planet, the beautiful and proportionally perfect nautilus shell exemplifies a special kind of spiral curve which appears in nature called a logarithmic spiral, or miraculous spiral. One of this spiral’s unique mathematical properties is that the size of the spiral increases, but its shape is unaltered with each successive curve.

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  4. Shell_Peruvian Shell_Peruvian

    Shell Peruvian

    Pulled from the shores in and around Peru and still encrusted with remains of barnacles, these shells can be seen on many a curandero's mesa and are often used in ceremonial purposes. Peru.

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