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  1. Henna Body Painting Kit - Original

    The Earth Henna Kit contains everything you'll need to start creating beautiful body art and temporary tattoos with henna.

    Makes 30-40 designs!

  2. Pendulum - Bronze THOTH

    Bronze Thoth pendulum is a replica of the pendulum found in the Great Pyramids. It is said this Egyptian pendulum easily charges itself with the waveform of whatever we want to know. It's a common pendulum in France.
  3. Peruvian Chanchay Doll with Flute

    Our beautifully detailed handmade doll is designed by Peruvian artisans from cotton fabric using plant material for the inner stuffing. This doll is holding what appears to be a musical instrument, likely a flute of some sort. She is wearing a long striped dress with an apron and a shawl and headband around her head. Extra care has gone into the embroidery of the facial features. She stands 10 inches tall and is 3 inches wide. Handmade in Peru.

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3 Item(s)