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Sacred Offerings

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  1. Stone Incense Burning Bowl with Amaru

    This hand carved incense burner is fashioned from a Incan piece. It is carved from a very dense metallic stone called Hiwaya in Quechua and has similar properties to hematite.

  2. Tibetan Brass Water Offering Bowl Set

    Tibetan Brass Water Offering Bowls come in a set of seven. They are used for the daily water offering or yonchap, at Tibetan or Thai Buddhist shrines. Each bowl is 3 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches high. Use to place water and/ or fragrances in your own practice. Simple carving designs surround the outside of the bowl. Handmade in Nepal.

  3. Tibetan Bronze Incense Offering Bowl - 5 inch

    This High Quality Bronze incense burning bowl can be used for all different kinds of incense by adding some sand or rice. Use for stick, cone, resin, loose incense or charcoal. Can be used as a smudge pot too. Measures 5 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. Made in India.

Set Descending Direction


3 Item(s)