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Sacred Offerings

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  1. Breuezinho Breu Claro Resin Incense - 1 oz

    We are pleased to offer this wonderful high quality resin incense, Breuezinho, also known as Breu Claro in Portuguese.  Its soft fragrance is very refreshing and good for power cleansing.  Like all fragrant tree resins, it is important for ceremonial, spiritual and medicinal purposes. This resin is harvested by Indians in the Amazon Rainforest. It is believed to treat inflammatory conditions and hasten wound repairApplication: burns very well on charcoal. Also ideal for mixing with other incense. Packaged in a 2.5 inch round metal tin. Harvested in Brazil.

  2. Dakota Sage & Cedar Incense Stick 10 in

    Collected from the prairies and hills of the Dakotas, Dakota sage is prized by the Plains Indians in this bundle it is mixed with cedar from the same area.

  3. Herbal Dhoop Coals

    Triloka Botanicals provides a unique way to burn loose frankincense, resins, herbs, spices, and other incense instead of using charcoal. These Native Himalayan Dhoop Coals are made from various herbs and woods that are pressed into coal squares. Light one of the squares until it smolders and smokes, and then add your own incense ingredients on top. Each package contains a strip of six coals. Made by a Nepali cottage industry in the Himalayas.

  4. Mahapari Nirvana Tibetan Incense Sticks

    Made from red sandalwood and gokul dhoop and 30 more himalayan herbs, and from strict instructions from renowned Tibetan herb masters, printed on the box is "A Tribute to the highest Nirvana", used for meditation, relaxation, and offerings. Buddhist Incense Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  5. Peace of Mind Tibetan Incense Sticks

    Peace of Mind Tibetan Incense Sticks like other Tibetan incense, is mixed by hand according to a very old sacred formula. It is said to bring calmness to the mind and spirit.

  6. Tibetan Himalayan Healing Incense Sticks

    This traditional Tibetan healing incense is made from a variety of medicinal ingredients which originate from the Himalayan region.  The principal ingredient, Agar 31, is said to have many curative properties.  Inhaling the incense is believed to be particularly beneficial in relieving symptoms of insomnia, giddiness, shivering and pains arising from nervous disorders. Green box contains 15 solid sticks which are 5.5 inch long. Pleasant healing scent. Hand prepared according to ancient Tibetan medical Tantra. It is effective, non-toxic and non-addictive.  This incense is made from herbal ingredients in Nepal.

  7. Tibetan Karma Incense Sticks

    Our Karma stick Incense is made from a blend of 56 different aromatic and medicinal herbs. This incense is said to lessen all physical pain, stimulate digestion, promote physical splendor, mental stability and clarity of mind.  Individual box contains 30 solid sticks measuring 9 inches in length and burning for 15 minutes. Sold in attractive decorative box with button and string closure. Incense holder included. Made in Nepal.

  8. Tibetan Monastery Incense Sticks

    Tibetan Monastery Incense is prepared on the basis of the a formuia approved by the Adviser of Tibetan Medicine Incense  It is used for burning for prayer offerings and for purification, both of which form a major ritual of Tibet spirituality.  Package includes approximately 44 sticks, 10 1/2" long.

  9. Tibetan White Tara Incense Sticks

    Our White Tara solid stick Incense is collectively made of various aromatic herbs found in high altitude regions of Tibet and the plains of Nepal.  This herbal medicated incense is made under the strict control of traditional Tibetan hand made incense following the key instructions of renowned herb masters.  This incense is widely used by Buddhists and by others for the purpose of meditation, relaxation, purification and offerings.  Individual box contains 30 solid sticks measuring 9 inches in length and burns for 15 minutes. Sold in attractive decorative box with button and string closure. Incense holder included. Made in Nepal.

  10. World Peace Incense Tibetan Incense Sticks

    A blend of 45 different aromatic & medicinal ingredients with Sandalwood and Cedarwood. Bundle containing about 19 solid sticks, about 8 inches long. Packaged in a hand made gift box. Made in Kathmandu, Nepal by the Buddhist Incense Centre.

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10 Item(s)