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Sacred Offerings

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  1. Buddha Incense Meditation Box

    A great gift box!  Our Buddha Meditation Box makes for a beautiful presentation. On the outside of the box, depicted in gold on handmade lokta paper, is a rendering of the historical Sakyamuni  Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and the earliest expounder of the Dharma or Buddhist teachings. Our outstanding Buddha altar box is the consummate item for practice, either at home or on the go. 

  2. Golden Bodhi Travel Altar Box

    Our handsome hand-made paper offering box makes a great gift. Featured inside a gilded bodhi leaf box made of precious Himalayan lokta paper are: a simple khata blessing scarf, aromatic herbal Buddha, herbal mala, votive candle, spicy Nag Champa incense and clay incense burner.


  3. Medicine Buddha Box

    Our Medicine Buddha Gift Box holds many ritual objects for your daily practice including a tiny Buddha figurine, Khata (traditional Tibetan greeting scarf), Tea Candle, Aromatic Medicine Buddha solid incense sticks, gilded ceramic bodhi leaf-shaped stick incense burner, and a set of Tibetan Flags. On the outside of the handmade lokta paper box, depicted in gold colored Tibetan script, is a rendering of the Medicine Buddha and the Mantra recited every day for success and to help eliminate the problems, unhappiness and suffering we don’t want and gain the success, happiness, inner growth and realizations of the path that we do want. Lord Buddha said even animals who hear this mantra will never be reborn in the lower realms. The highly attained Kyabje Choumlden Rinpoche said if one recites this mantra at the time of death one will be reborn in the pure land. so recite it not only for healing, but also to benefit people and animals all the time, whether they’re living or dying. You can take our compact 6 x 6 inch Medicine Buddha Box with you when you travel. The inside lid also bears the image of Buddha and the short form of the mantra. Handmade in Nepal.

  4. Prayer Flag Incense Box

    Tibetan tradition contains a wealth of information relating to prayer flag symbology. The handmade box contains five incense blends, each wrapped in the symbolic color elements of prayer flags. Includes nag champa (blue for earth), juniper (green for wind), purity (white for water), golden leaf (saffron for infinite space) and windhorse (red for fire) along with a 5 foot long set of ready to hang prayer flags.

  5. Tibetan Seven Chakras Incense Stick Sets

    The seven chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. This stick incense bundle includes seven different triangular shaped packs of incense, one pack for each chakra: Root or muladhara, sacral or svadisthana, solar or manipura, heart or anahata, throat or visuddha, third eye or ajna, and crown or sahasrara. Some burn this incense during yoga practice. There are 19 sticks in each pack. Each stick burns for 40 minutes. Each pack features the color and symbol of its respective chakra.  Made in Nepal.

Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)