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Sacred Offerings

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  1. Yoga Mind Mouth Mist Spray

    Infinite Patience; Balanced Body; Dynamic Stillness; Luminously Present; Cosmic Perception 

    Ingredients: Anchoring Light (Sobralia dichotoma), Balance and Stability (Habenaria), One Heart (Epidendrum cuscoense), Deep Breath (Eucalyptus), Initiation of the HeartLight (Pink Lotus), Chrysoprase, Diamond and Rose Quartz with essential oils of Lemon, Orange and Tangerine in a base of Sacred Healing Water 

    Excellent to use for yoga/meditation practice and to hold the vibrational frequencies attained. Find infinite patience and access to your cosmic perception. Be luminously present within a quiet mind. Feel your balanced body, interdimensional stability, dynamic stillness, clarity, flexibility, acceptance, oneness, unity, unconditional love. All this in one yummy spray!

  2. Windhorse Incense Gift Box

    Looking for a special gift? This colorful gift box is packed with items any incense user would love. The kit includes:

    • 6 inch long bundle of premium Tibetan Windhorse Solid Incense sticks,
    • 2 inch square Endless Knot design incense burner
    • 5 foot long string of cloth prayer flags featuring the windhorse.


    Prayer flag mantras decorate the perimeter of the box. Windhorse is a premium Tibetan-style solid stick incense made with a traditional monastic formulation that includes white sandalwood, camphor, nutmeg, cloves, canarium, juniper, among dozens of other herbal ingredients.

  3. White Sage Smudge Gift Box

    Perfect combination of our fragrant 5" White Sage Smudge Stick with a large Abalone Shell and Turkey Feather - everything you need to smudge yourself and your space. Also included is a hand carved wooden tripod stand for the abalone shell.  We package all these items in a special box made from 100% recycled paper and wrapped in coordinating tree free, handmade ribbon made from recycled cotton fabric fibers.

  4. Turquoise Two Deer Incense Burner

    This two piece, Two Deer Tibetan Incense Burner is made from a copper and brass alloy and is embellished with turquoise chip inlay surrounding the edges of the lid. Four birds perch proudly on each of the four conrners of the lid while the openwork and orantely decorated copper allows incense to drift through.  Inside bottom features two integral stick or solid incense holders with a removable ash catcher. Sides and bottom stand are decorated with Tibetan symbols. The two deer on the lid commemorate the Buddha's teaching and the turning of the wheel of dharma in the deer park at Sarnath. Incense holder measures approx 8 inch long, 4 inches high and 2.25 inches wide.  Made in Nepal. 


  5. Triquetra Carved Stone Incense Burning Bowl

    Black stone incense burner stands on three legs is carved with Triquetra design. Measures 5 inches in diameter and 2 inches high. Made in India.

  6. Traditional Tibetan Incense Burner

    Safely catch your ashes from burning incense sticks. This beautifully detailed and traditional Tibetan Incense Burner of copper and brass is accented with the Sacred Mantra OM MANI PADME HUM in Newari script on both sides. Buddhist deities grace the four outside corners while the face of Mahakala can be seen on either end.  Three holes are provided on an inside flap to hold your sticks. Striking color accent stones on either side. Stands on four small feet to protectively raise above surface. Burner measures 8 inches long and 2.75 inches high x 1.625 inches wide. Inense not included. Handmade in Nepal.

  7. Traditional Offering Bowl

    A traditional clay ceramic offering bowl used in and around the area of Cusco, Peru.

  8. Tibetan Seven Chakras Incense Stick Sets

    The seven chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. This stick incense bundle includes seven different triangular shaped packs of incense, one pack for each chakra: Root or muladhara, sacral or svadisthana, solar or manipura, heart or anahata, throat or visuddha, third eye or ajna, and crown or sahasrara. Some burn this incense during yoga practice. There are 19 sticks in each pack. Each stick burns for 40 minutes. Each pack features the color and symbol of its respective chakra.  Made in Nepal.

  9. Tibetan Meditation Incense Coils in Gift Box

    This pleasing Tibetan Meditation incense is made according to an ancient recipe from sandalwood and other natural ingredients. It is said to calm the mind and is very conducive for meditation. This attractive Green Lokta Paper Box with gold colored decoration contains 6 long burning coils and 1 incense burner. This incense is made of  the finest ingredients, based on a combination of herbs from Tibet and Nepal. It uplifts and inspires the mind and counteracts depressions and anxiety. Manufactured by Pure Land Incense Khachoe Ghakyil Nunnery Kathmandu,  Nepal. 

  10. Tibetan Lattice Wooden Incense Burner with Inlay

    Delicately decorated wooden incense burning box with brass rails, inlaid brass wire lotus flower, om symbol and yin-yang design on both sides adding to its beauty. Use for burning Tibetan incense sticks laid flat. Also works well for string incense or palo santo sticks. Wood is from sustainable, responsibly harvested trees by Fair Trade cottage industry partners. Artisans have created a unique brass lattice design. Incense stick sold separately. Made in India.

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