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Sacred Offerings

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  1. 7_Poderes_Perfume

    7 Poderes Perfume

    This popular Peruvian perfume has seven specific powers which are as follows:

    1. To favor the success in the business and abundance of crops.
    2. To favor the good outcomes of law suits.
    3. To favor inheritance unexpected fortunes.
    4. To grant successes in professional careers or employment.
    5. It helps to multiply your money.
    6. To favor the success in trips or distant business.
    7. It brings luck in lotteries and all kinds of gaming.

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  2. Banos_Misticos_-_7_Ventas_Bath_Water_Fragrance_500_ml

    Banos Misticos - 7 Ventas Bath Water Fragrance 500 ml

    For cleansing baths, this fragrant bath water reverses spells and bad luck. Sprinkle the contents in 3 liters of water. Have faith! Full of the best quality wild natural essences and extracts of flowers and herbs.

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  3. Banos Misticos - Florecimiento Bath Water Fragrance 355 ml

    Florecimiento Prosperidad Bath Water Fragrance

    A fragrant bath water frequently used in riutals for manifesting prosperity in your home, life, health and love.  It is said to satisfy the spirit and end negativity. Made from the best Peruvian and imported flowers, herbs and essences. Includes flora from the Seven Lakes of Huancabamba.  When using ritually, apply on Tuesdays and Fridays and pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary. 

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  4. San_Cipriano_Perfume

    San Cipriano Perfume

    Traditionally used in Peru for protection, to keep heavy energy away, and to protect one from negative energy that may be projected your way.

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  5. Traditional Offering Bowl Traditional Offering Bowl

    Traditional Offering Bowl

    A traditional clay ceramic offering bowl used in and around the area of Cusco, Peru.

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  6. White Sage Smudge Gift Box White Sage Smudge Gift Box

    White Sage Smudge Gift Box

    Perfect combination of our fragrant 5" White Sage Smudge Stick with a large Abalone Shell and Turkey Feather - everything you need to smudge yourself and your space. Also included is a hand carved wooden tripod stand for the abalone shell.  We package all these items in a special box made from 100% recycled paper and wrapped in coordinating tree free, handmade ribbon made from recycled cotton fabric fibers.

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