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Sacred Offerings

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  1. Brass Incense Pedestal Burning Bowl

    Simple handcrafted pedastal offering bowl with a smooth surface and made of brass. May be filled with sand and used as an incense burner, accommodating any size stick or incense or charcoal. Screen top is removable for easy cleaning. Comes with its own carved wooden stand. Made in India.
  2. Brass Offering Bowl

    Incense Burner Bowl crafted from high quality brass can be used for all different kinds of incense.  Decorative side handles on a slightly elevated base. Fill with sand and use with stick, cone resin or charcoal. Can be used as smudge pot too.  Made in India.

  3. Brass Temple Burner with Inlaid Mother of Pearl

    This elegant incense burner is fit for a temple. Sculpted of brass, it is shaped into the common design of a wide basin, fitted with a conical lid. The basin, measuring 4 inches in diameter at its widest point, has a 3 1/2 inch diameter base that flares outward widely and then curls, narrowing to a 3 1/4 rim. This rim, upon which sits the burner`s conical cap, is lined with delicate mother of pearl tiles. These tiles perfectly accent the metal of the brass. The cap itself tapers to a point, and is decorated on three sides with a triangle pattern of stars that allow smoke and fragrance out while air circulates in. The whole burner measures approximately 3 in height, making it perfect for altars where space is in short supply. Made in India.

  4. Breuezinho Breu Claro Resin Incense - 1 oz

    We are pleased to offer this wonderful high quality resin incense, Breuezinho, also known as Breu Claro in Portuguese.  Its soft fragrance is very refreshing and good for power cleansing.  Like all fragrant tree resins, it is important for ceremonial, spiritual and medicinal purposes. This resin is harvested by Indians in the Amazon Rainforest. It is believed to treat inflammatory conditions and hasten wound repairApplication: burns very well on charcoal. Also ideal for mixing with other incense. Packaged in a 2.5 inch round metal tin. Harvested in Brazil.

  5. Brown Stone Charcoal Incense Burner

    This Brown Resin Burner is made from real soapstone and is handmade in India.

  6. Buddha Incense Meditation Box

    A great gift box!  Our Buddha Meditation Box makes for a beautiful presentation. On the outside of the box, depicted in gold on handmade lokta paper, is a rendering of the historical Sakyamuni  Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and the earliest expounder of the Dharma or Buddhist teachings. Our outstanding Buddha altar box is the consummate item for practice, either at home or on the go. 

  7. Carved Resin Skull Incense Burner

    A unique hand carved two piece resin skull incense burner with fine detailed engraving on the top. Handmade so each one differs slightly. Use as an incense burner or jewelry box. Use with cone or resin incense and sand. Measures about 3.75 inch H by 4 inch L by 3 inch W. Choice of colors. Made in Nepal.

  8. Cedar Pinon Incense Cones

    Clear Ligth Cedar incense is hand made from sustainably wild havested cedar and pinon from the mountians of New Mexico.

  9. Celtic Knot Carved Stone Incense Burning Bowl

    Black stone incense burner stands on three legs is carved with OM design. Made in India.

  10. Celtic Knot Pedestal Burning Bowl

    Silver tone chalice-shaped burner with Celtic knot design. Removeable screen. Made in India.

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Items 41 to 50 of 279 total

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