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Sacred Offerings

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  1. Brass Offering Bowl

    Incense Burner Bowl crafted from high quality brass can be used for all different kinds of incense.  Decorative side handles on a slightly elevated base. Fill with sand and use with stick, cone resin or charcoal. Can be used as smudge pot too.  Made in India.

  2. Celtic Knot Pedestal Burning Bowl

    Silver tone chalice-shaped burner with Celtic knot design. Removeable screen. Made in India.

  3. Despacho Offering Kit - Cusco - Kuti

    This traditional Q'ero despacho kit comes from the bustling and busy Shamans Market of Cusco. One of many different kinds of despachos, a Kuti despacho is offered for protection or shifting negative affinities and energies from an individual. A Kuti despacho offering is very powerful and honors all aspects of the Heavens and Earth. The kit contains all appropriate items to shift these energies. Each one is hand made with love and contents may vary slightly. Some delicate contents, such as plant leaves, may be slightly damaged due to handling in transit.  This damage does not diminish the intention you give to your offering.

  4. Shamans Market 7 Chakra Organic Sacred Spray

    Please join us in the pleasure and power of the experience of our 7 Chakra Floral Water. This exquisite blend smells heavenly and has six elements specifically directed at the 7 Chakras of traditional yoga. Combining Texas Cedar, Ylang-ylang, Geranium, Sweet Lavender, Patchouli and Frankinsense, this wonderful blend balances and delights while cleansing and opening. It is pure love in a bottle.

  5. Shamans Market Agua de Floral Sacred Spray

    Organic lavender-based cologne product made from ethyl instead of methyl alcohol. Using the finest essential oil and organic lavender extract, we have developed a product which can be used by shamanic practitioners to hold in the mouth and then sacredly emit a spray for ritually clearing objects and spaces, a practice known as phukuy by followers of Peruvian shamanism. Our bottle comes with a built-in sprayer which can be used instead. Comes in a 4 ounce glass spray bottle. Made in USA.

  6. Star Essence Blue Lotus Temple Spray - 2 oz.

    The Blue Lotus Temple is a place where we can go, no matter where we are. The essences in this blend are a vehicle to help us get there. There is a unification and exponential effect when the Blue Lotus (Water Lily) is combined with the Andean Orchids, and transmitted with the Gold. A divine splendor and subtle euphoria emerges. There is a joyful bubbling of creative passion.

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6 Item(s)