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  1. Q'ero Chumpi Belt

    This woven cloth, heavily beaded belt beautifully conveys traditional Q'ero weaving technique and design. Intricate patterns and iconography of items important in their lives.  1.5 inches wide.  33 inches long.  Add 7.5 inches for tie end.  Add 2 more inches for loop end.  Total length exclusive of tassels is 42 inches.  Hand woven and beaded by the Q'ero of Peru. 

  2. Q'ero Alpaca Chalina Scarf

    Our previously and lovingly owned gently used scarf is in excellent condition. Originally Q'ero made, this attractive hand-woven scarf, or chalina, is woven of the softest alpaca. This stylish scarf wraps around your neck or drapes across your shoulders in a cozy layer for any cold occasion. Measures 6 inches wide by 69 inches long . Add 5 more inches for fringed ends. Beautiful Hand woven on backstrap looms by the Q'ero in Peru.

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2 Item(s)