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  1. Bolivian Alpaca Knit Gloves

    •  Brown
    •  White-Brown
    •  White-Gray

    From the Bolivian Andes, these gloves are knit from carded llama and alpaca fiber, which means they are combed for a softer finish. Color of the gloves is natural; no dye was used. Designs are typical of the Bolivian Andes. Since these products are handmade, colors and designs may vary somewhat from the photographs. One size. Your choice of Natural Colors.

  2. Knitted Wool Mask - Waq'ollo - Rainbow Stripe

    •  Gold Face
    •  Purple Face
    •  Green Face
    •  Black Face
    •  White Face
    •  Magenta Face

    Rainbow striped knit mask with contrasting eyebrows and face colors. Pulls over the head and has eye, nose and mouth openings. Masks, such as this one, are called waq'ollos in Quechua, a local Peruvian dialect. Primarily worn and seen during the Peruvian Festival of Qoyllur Riti, Lord of the Snow Star ceremonies, you can wear yours on the ski slopes or in the snowy cold outdoors. 13 inches long by 9.5 inches wide when measured flat. One size fits most. Your choice of solid face colors. Some of the mask's facial features, such as eyebrows, mustaches, and chin tufts, and placement of the rainbow color stripes, may vary slightly from those depicted. Made in Peru.

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2 Item(s)