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Textiles and Weavings

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  1. Guatemalan_San_Juan_Silky_Scarf Guatemalan_San_Juan_Silky_Scarf

    Guatemalan San Juan Silky Scarf

    This silky scarf is backstrap loom woven by the San Juan Weaver's Group. The weaving mixes cotton and shiny rayon threads, a palette created in one of many artisan workshops. The resulting color combinations are luscious, creating a scarf so beautiful you will want to wear it everyday. The fabric is hand woven on the backstrap loom by the San Juan Weaver's Group which is made up of Tzâutujil women who weave using backstrap Ikat, an ancient labor-intensive technique of hand tying and dying threads in elaborate patterns. Select your color below.  Made in Guatemala

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  2. Wool_belt,_'Midnight_Blue_Bouquet' Wool_belt,_'Midnight_Blue_Bouquet'

    Wool belt, 'Midnight Blue Bouquet'

    Blossoming amongst golden stars, myriad flowers lend their colorful beauty to the midnight sky. Joucelyn Pasara celebrates the textile traditions of Huanta with the exquisite design of this wool belt. Woven on a traditional loom, the composition is embroidered. Learn More

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