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  1. Wool shoulder bag, 'Inca Dawn'

    Peru's weaving heritage inspires the design of this shoulder bag by Raul Ulloa Baylon. He uses natural dyes to obtain the red, yellow, brown, green and white hues. The bag is woven on a pedal loom and closes with a magnetic button under a leather flap. The brown lined interior features two open pockets.

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  2. Q'ero Ch'uspa Coca Leaf Bag - Inti w/strap

    Our traditional Q'ero hand woven ch'uspakuna, or coca bag, features brightly colored stripes flanking in the center band the motif for Inti, or the Sun. Inti is usually depicted in hand woven textiles as a rayed diamond. This bag has both a quartered Inti and half Inti designs. Coca bags, although originally intended to carrying coca leaves, also make for a perfect and practical place to store your mesa, or altar, artes for travel. This one has a twisted yarn shoulder strap with a drop of 28 inches and three coordinated color yarn tassels across the bottom. Hand woven and sewn by Qero in the high Andes of Peru.

  3. Bolivian Leather & Aguayo Shoulder Bag

    This petite but sturdy boxy-constructed shoulder strap bag is made of genuine cow’s leather with unique handwoven sheep wool aguayo cloth inset. Aguayo is a typical fabric of the Andes characterized by its durability and colorfulness. The bag has two small zip pockets, an adjustable strap and a magnetic clasp closure. Leather is embossed with decorative designs. Your choice of styles. Made in Bolivia.

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3 Item(s)