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  1. Alpaca Wool Shawl, 'Nutmeg Zigzag'

    Beautifully knitted of fine alpaca wool, this shawl is warm and cozy. Peru's Paola Cuentas creates a modern design with zigzag motifs that run the length of the lightweight wrap. Measures 86 Long by 20.5 Wide. Made in Peru.

  2. Shipibo Embroidery Apron and Cap Set-Song of Tobacco Spirit for Protection

    You don't have to be an Iron Chef to wear this apron and cap set adorned with Shipibo embroidered designs. Ebony colored apron ties in back, has adjustable bib straps and patch pocket in front featuring the traditional colorful and intricate icaro embroidery of the Shipibo. Bandana / cap has an elastic band to help keep it tied in place and also features a coordinated square Shipibo embroidery pattern.
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2 Item(s)