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  1. Bolivian Mestana / Awayo Cloth

    Our hand woven awayo is believed to be from the Bolivian Andes. Made of sheep's wool in a beautiful color palate. An awayo is a traditional woven cloth used for multiple purposes by the indigenous people of the Bolivian altiplano.  These cloths are woven on a backstrap loom and generally come in rich, vibrant colors with traditional symbols and designs.This gently used cloth comes to us from the home of a private collector.  Perfect for your mesa or ceremonial ground cloth.

  2. Ocongate Mestana Cloth

    This mestana is hand woven of colorful yarns and features hand applied binding on all for edges with a diamond pattern design. From the high Andes hamlet of Ocongate near the site of the Qoyllur Rit'i festival, this piece makes a perfect grounding cloth for your personal altar. Peru.

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2 Item(s)