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  1. Chincheros Unkuna Despacho Cloth

    This simple despacho cloth is hand woven with natural fibers and features traditional Chincheros motifs in its bands. Reversible. The designs are woven to produce an image with positive color and weave effect on one side and opposite color and weave effect of the same image on the reverse.  Tasseled on each of the four conrners with sewn on decorative edging on two sides. Use for wrapping your despacho offering and taking it to its offering place.  From the Chincheros of the high Andes mountains of Peru.

  2. Shipibo Traditional Healing Cloth

    Akin to the traditional women's faldas, or skirts, which are woven with patterns of protection and wisdom, these cloths are considered healing cloths. They are used in the shamanic curing ceremonies where they are placed upon the patient's body to infuse it with the healing power of the featured icaro, or medicine song. Hand made in Peru.

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2 Item(s)