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  1. Bolivian Alpaca Knit Wrist Warmers

    These wrist warmers made of 100% pure alpaca offer effective protection from winter temperatures. One size. Handmade in Bolivia.

  2. Bolivian Knit Alpaca Blend Mitten Gloves

    Mitten Gloves, Glittens or Flip Top Mittens -- call them what you like, they are back! Hand knit of the softest 100% alpaca wool blend, keeping your hands and fingers warm and cozy, yet allowing for fingertip dexterity to feed the parking meter, insert a subway ticket or tap smart phone buttons. Stylish features include a wrist slit, and button loop on top of the mitten which fits over a small wrist button to keep the mitt folded over when using your fingers. Very practical and stylish. Choice of colors and size. Bolivia.

  3. Chincheros Handwoven Chumpi Belt

    This rustic belt beautifully conveys the Chincheros traditional weaving designs - intricate patterns and iconography of items important in their lives. Reversible. The designs are woven to produce an image with positive color and weave effect on one side and opposite color and weave effect of the same image on the reverse. Hand woven by the Chincheros of Peru.

  4. Guatemalan San Juan Scarf

    Reminding one of the drape of silk, this beautiful scarf is hand- woven by the San Juan Weaver's Group. The weaving mixes cotton and shiny rayon threads,  in palettes created in one of many artisan workshops. The resulting color combinations are luscious, creating a scarf so beautiful you will want to wear it everyday. The fabric is hand woven on the backstrap loom by the San Juan Weaver's Group which is made up of Tzâutujil women who weave using backstrap Ikat, an ancient labor-intensive technique of hand tying and dying threads in elaborate patterns. This is a lighter, narrower scarf for those who don't like a lot of bulk, yet still want to accessorize with a scarf.  Measures 7.5 inches wide by 65 inches long, inclusive of fringe. Fringe alone measures 2.5 inches. Select your color from available choices below.  Made in Guatemala.

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  5. Himali Wool Scarf

    A soft lightweight and roomy woolen shawl is suitable as a lap throw too. Has a soft stretchy feel with a traditional woven line pattern. It is usually draped around and over the shoulders and chest. Twisted 3 inch yarn fringe on the ends. Take the chill off and get cozy. Choice of Colors. Made in Nepal.

  6. Hindu Om Embroidered Bag

    This striking shoulder strap bag bears various depictions of the embroidered symbol Om. Made of 100% cotton, this square bag with 2.5 inch gusseted sides has an inside lining and a zipper pocket under the flap. Secures with velcro closure. Strap drop 21 inches. Bag measures approx 8 x 8 inches. Lightweight and practical. Made in Nepal.
  7. Lampa Woven Llama Wool Bag

    We love this great rustic and rugged llama wool bag. Comes complete with a sturdy shoulder strap. Woven from naturally dyed llama wool yarns.  Colors & designs vary slightly on these hand made bags, so yours may look slightly different than photo. Made in Peru.

  8. Nepali Easy Gheri Bag

    Three bags in one!  This multi-color striped bag converts from a heart shaped zipper pouch about 8 x 8 inches.  Perfect size for stuffing into a suitcase.  In this style there is a loop to use for handing it.  Then unzip it to create a slouching shoulder strap bag.  The main compartment of the bag zips shut to secure your belongings with a small wooden button and loop closure pocket on the outside side.  Then convert it to a backpack/rucksack bag, with another loop for hanging.  Outer zipper pocket.  Unlined.  Lightweight and practical and fun.  Made in Nepal.

  9. Nepali Reversible Woolen Shawl

    Our beautifully styled, soft, lightweight and roomy woolen shawl is suitable as a lap throw too.  One color and design on one side and their opposite on the reverse. Drape it around and over your shoulders and chest.  Cover your lap.  Snuggle into it after yoga.  Measures 35 by 80 inches. Twisted 3 inch black yarn fringe on either end. Take the chill off and get comfortable and cozy.  Select your choice of colors below.  Made by skilled crafts people of Kathmandu Nepal.

  10. Nepali Versatile Gheri Bag

    •  Turquoise
    •  Red
    •  Purple
    •  Multi
    •  Black/Blue
    •  Heather
    •  Magenta
    •  Dark Blue
    •  Ribbon Stripe
    •  Fire Stripe
    •  Rainbow

    This sturdy striped gheri-fabric versatile daypack has enough space for your daily needs and is very comfortable. It features adjustable shoulder straps, main compartment with dual zipper closure, front zip flat pocket and another gusseted pocket on its front with loop and button closure. Back loop for hanging. Woven from sturdy Gheri fabric, hand loomed on backstrap looms, showing the talents of the weavers in Nepal employing this age-old weaving technique.Use as a school bag, travel bag, diaper bag and more. Measures approx 16 x 18 inches. Your choice of colors. Made in Nepal.

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