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  1. Alpaca wool blend poncho, 'Pyramids'

    Precisely knitted in earthen colors, pyramids create vertical motifs punctuated with red. Alfredo Falcon creates a bold and versatile poncho. Black borders and a turtleneck collar distinguish this alpaca wool blend wrap.

  2. Chincheros Handwoven Chumpi Belt

    Handwoven by weavers of the Chincheros village, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, near the Cusco area of Peru, this belt can be worn or displayed.Some also use the belts for wrapping their mesas for travel. It’s a joyful array of motifs inspired by the rivers, the mountains, the stars, and fields--all very important in the lives of this people. A complimentary warp technique produces a double-faced fabric in which the pattern is the same on both sides, but colors are reversed. Unexpected hues of deep raspberry, gold and black of naturally dyed sheep's wool and alpaca. Your choice of belt widths 4 inches (18 inches long) or 4.5 inches (34 inches long).

  3. Peruvian Ceremonial Hat

    From the home of a private collector, this fascinating example of a ceremonial headress, referred to as amatherentsi, is worn by Asháninka (or Asháninca) men for festive celebrations that include dancing.  It is made of the straw of the coca palm, the reeds being held held together by threads.  The reeds are interwoven with colorful threads to create further designs on the band of the hat.  Beautifully decorated bird feathers dance around the top edge.  Handmade by the Ashaninka.  

  4. Peruvian Traditional Vintage Wool Poncho

    Our heavy-weight black and red striped poncho is made from sheep's wool. Contrasting blue stripes create color and interest.  A great garment for keeping the chill off. Curved corners.  Hefty and sturdy.  Woven in The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

  5. Peruvian Traditional Wool Blend Poncho

    Our traditional woven colorfully striped poncho is as stylish as it is practical at keeping the chill off. Heavy coverage.  Sewn on edging on all four sides. Fringed neck decoration extra flair.  Woven in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

  6. Peruvian Traditional Wool Blend Poncho - Chakana

    Rainbow shades in stripes and fringe, this poncho has a traditional chakana pattern woven into the stripes. Perfect for crisp but sunny fall days. Woven in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

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6 Item(s)