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  1. Men's Fair Trade Alpaca Wool Poncho - Road to Huancayo

    When the mist falling over the Andes hides the majestic peaks, a road to home is invented in the eternal warmth of alpaca wool. In proud tribute to their roots, Faustino Maldonado and his family weave this song of nostalgic voices, the ideal accompaniment on a wintry night.

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  2. Peruvian Shipibo Traditional Headband

    From the Peruvian Shipibo of the Rainforest, ceremonial headbands like this one are worn by Shipibo men and women. Woven and beaded, it is embellished with a small seeded fringe. Beautifully decorated in traditional Shipibo ayahuasca inspired designs. Measures 3.5 inches wide exclusive of fringe. Fringe adds 1/2 inch to width. Circumference is approximately 21 inches. Fair Trade. Handmade. Your purchase helps to support indigenous culture. Made in Peru.

  3. Peruvian Traditional Vintage Wool Poncho

    Our heavy-weight black and red striped poncho is made from sheep's wool. Contrasting blue stripes create color and interest.  A great garment for keeping the chill off. Curved corners.  Hefty and sturdy.  Woven in The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

  4. Peruvian Traditional Wool Blend Poncho

    Our traditional woven colorfully striped poncho is as stylish as it is practical at keeping the chill off. Heavy coverage.  Sewn on edging on all four sides. Fringed neck decoration extra flair.  Woven in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

  5. Q'ero Unku Tunic

    This traditional men's tunic, or unku, is woven in the Hapu community of the Q'ero Nation in the high Peruvian Andes. Woven with a black, thickly spun, warp plain weave known as bayeta, it features a contrasting red border edge on both sides. Peru.


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5 Item(s)