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  1. Bolivian Lujoso Llama Wool Poncho

    Our Bolivian Lujoso (Spanish for luxurious) pure 100% Andean Llama Wool Poncho is a luxury item woven over many months on a special loom. Using a long lost technique which was recovered by the able hands of peasants from Potosí, Bolivia, they have recovered a large amount of their culture under the direction of the ArteNativo association, rediscovering and promoting their millennial craft. The heavier weight of the garment demonstrates the large amount of wool used in making it, yet it is the difficulty of the fine weave and uniform finishing which makes this a quality piece. The viscacha, an Andean rodent similar to the squirrel and rabbit, is woven into a repeating pattern in the stripes. Timeless in natural black. Large size, can vary up to 4 inches from dimensions shown.

  2. Peruvian Shipibo Traditional Cushma Tunic

    Enrobe yourself in rainforest rainment during your ceremonial rituals. An authentic traditional woven cotton cloth cushma, the word is Quechua, comes to us directly from the Peruvian Shipibo. Similar to a large poncho, this woven cotton tunic is sewn together from armpits to feet. Measuring 43 inches wide and 100 inches long, you can wear this tied with a belt around the waist. This cushma is heavily embroidered in intricate, labyrinthine, ayahuasca-inspired designs for which the Shipibo are famous. A comfortable garment, the cotton cloth is easy to maintain. Made in Peru.

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2 Item(s)