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  1. Leather Convertible Backpack

    If you love having exclusive pieces, this triangular convertible piece is for you. A sturdy, boxy constructed brown leather purse, it stands on its own. The authentic aguayo hand woven fabric inset is an excellent leather ally: both are strong and rustic materials, giving a very traditional flavor to the piece. Practical outer smaller zip pocket keeps you well organized. Front flap and pocket are decorated with embossed designs. Besides being a charming purse, it can be used as a backpack by using the cleverly constructed strap which unzips into two back straps. Flap w/buckle closure. Enough said, you need it. Made from genuine leather and fabric. Your choice of pictured styles. Made in Bolivia.

  2. Peruvian Ocongate Shoulder Strap Bag

    Exquisitely handwoven gusseted colorful wool bag, or chuspa, featuring traditional designs in the Peruvian Ocongate style. (Ocongate is one of the twelve districts of Peru.)  This bag works perfectly for carrying your bottle of Florida water or sacred khuyas and artes to ceremony. Bag measures 8 x 10 inches and features 4 inch long twisted yarn fringe across the bottom and 17 inch shoulder strap drop.  Handwoven in Peru.  

  3. Peruvian Traditional Alpaca Blend Poncho- Black w/Rainbow Stripe

    Drapey and soft hand alpaca blend poncho with narrow rainbow bands of colored stripes and a simple banded finish on the edges. Soft and snuggly due to the inclusion of alpaca with the wool yarn. Sizes are approximate. Made in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

  4. Q'ero Alpaca Chalina Scarf

    Our previously and lovingly owned gently used scarf is in excellent condition. Originally Q'ero made, this attractive hand-woven scarf, or chalina, is woven of the softest alpaca. This stylish scarf wraps around your neck or drapes across your shoulders in a cozy layer for any cold occasion. Measures 6 inches wide by 69 inches long . Add 5 more inches for fringed ends. Beautiful Hand woven on backstrap looms by the Q'ero in Peru.

  5. Q'ero Chuspa Shoulder Bag

    Narrow and deeply constructed handwoven bag is the perfect size for your sunglasses, smart phones or sacred stones. Side stripes are woven in natural shades with the center band pattern of Inti, the sun.  Shoulder strap is colorful too.  Bottom edging consists of three double tassels. Hand made in Peru.

  6. Shipibo Amazon Rainforest Jungle Bag

    Roomy natural dyed cotton cloth shoulder strap bag hand-embroidered by Peruvian Shipibo women in their mezmerizing ayahuasca vision-inspired, traditional Shipibo icaro design. Lined for extra sturdiness. Inside magnetic snap closure keeps bag shut. Measures 12 inches deep by 13 inches wide. Strap drop 24 inches. Choice of embroidery styles. Fair Trade. Hand made in Peru. Supports Indigenous culture.

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6 Item(s)