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Ponchos & Shawls

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  1. Alpaca_wool_blend_shawl,_'Versatile_Black' Alpaca_wool_blend_shawl,_'Versatile_Black'

    Alpaca wool blend shawl, 'Versatile Black'

    Alfredo Falcón selects solid black to combine with everything from jewel tones to tweed. This shawl is woven from a luxurious alpaca wool blend, unparalleled in softness and warmth. Elegant and versatile, it is a must for the winter wardrobe. Learn More

  2. Alpaca_wool_blend_poncho,_'Pyramids'

    Alpaca wool blend poncho, 'Pyramids'

    Precisely knitted in earthen colors, pyramids create vertical motifs punctuated with red. Alfredo Falcon creates a bold and versatile poncho. Black borders and a turtleneck collar distinguish this alpaca wool blend wrap.

    Learn More

  3. 100%_alpaca_wool_shawl,_'Violet_Garden' 100%_alpaca_wool_shawl,_'Violet_Garden'

    100% alpaca wool shawl, 'Violet Garden'

    Violets cluster in a delightful garden of lacy alpaca. Crocheted by hand, this elegant shawl is the work of Elvia Melendez. Lavish hand tied fringe adorns the graceful and feminine border. Learn More

  4. 100%_alpaca_wool_shawl,_'Romantic' 100%_alpaca_wool_shawl,_'Romantic'

    100% alpaca wool shawl, 'Romantic'

    Finely crocheted flowers adorn this delightful triangular shawl. Intricate and beautiful, the wrap comes from Marianella Asto. The lacy stitches are created of luxurious of alpaca wool in deep brick red. Learn More

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