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Burners & Bowls

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  1. Soapstone Resin and Incense Cone Burner

    Handsome charcoal and cone burner. Complete with a heavy handcarved white soapstone dish on a solid shiny brass tri-footed base. Burn your resin, charcoal or incense cones in this elegant burner dish. Handcrafted in India.

  2. Copper Om Offering Bowl - Small

    A really special copper offering bowl with four brass Om symbol embellishments. OM means oneness with the Supreme, the merging of the physical and the spiritual body. It is the symbol of Hinduism. Considered as the most powerful mantra, it transcends time. Can also be used for incense (with sand), potpourri, etc.  This bowl has one decorative turquoise stone missing from the side, but does not diminish the ability to use the bowl.

  3. Copper Offering Bowl

    Simple but elegant shining copper offering bowl with carving embellishments around its base.  Use with sand for burning incense potpourri, etc.  Bowl measures 3 inches in diameter and two inches high. Made in India.

  4. Brass Incense Pedestal Burning Bowl

    Simple handcrafted pedastal offering bowl with a smooth surface and made of brass. May be filled with sand and used as an incense burner, accommodating any size stick or incense or charcoal. Screen top is removable for easy cleaning. Comes with its own carved wooden stand. Made in India.
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4 Item(s)