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  1. Diamond_Pro_African_Djembe,_10-11_in._Head

    Diamond Pro African Djembe, 10-11 in. Head

    Hand carved from a solid piece of Mahogany, the Diamond Pro African djembe features a natural stained finish and a premium authentic goatskin head with hair for greater tonal range. Learn More

  2. Duafe African Djembe - 11-12 in. Head

    Duafe African Djembe - 11-12 in. Head

    The Duafe Djembe features a hand-carved African Adinkra symbol of beauty and desirable feminine qualities. Master carvers have paid special attention to the detailing in the base of the drum to provide a unique texture. Authentic goatskin heads are secured with low-stretch Alpine Nylon HTB 5mm rope runners. We recommend this drum for beginner to intermediate players. Learn More

  3. Matahari_Pro_African_Djembe_10-11_in._Head

    Matahari Pro African Djembe 10-11 in. Head

    The 10-11" Matahari packs a whole lot of punch in a mid-size drum. The range of tone is stunning and is most sought after for its especially crisp slap. Learn More

  4. Native_American_Style_15_in._Elk_Hide_Frame_Hand_Drum Native_American_Style_15_in._Elk_Hide_Frame_Hand_Drum

    Native American Style 15 in. Elk Hide Frame Hand Drum

    Hand-held Native American Inspired hoop drums are perfect for drum circles, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal or ceremonial rituals.

    We lace the drums onto a separate piece of rawhide for even pressure, preventing tearing.

    The drum handles are wrapped in leather and made so you can slide your hand underneath so it fits like a glove!

    Every drum order includes a buckskin beater!

    Learn More

  5. Native_Sunrise_Djembe,_11-12_in._Head

    Native Sunrise Djembe, 11-12 in. Head

    New Native Sunrise djembe, beautifully hand carved and hand painted tribal design. Available in three sizes, recommended for beginner to intermediate players. Learn More

  6. Ruby_Pro_African_Djembe,_10-11_in._Head

    Ruby Pro African Djembe, 10-11 in. Head

    The Ruby Pro African djembe drum is a masterpiece in both design and sound. The stunning ruby finish compliments the professional tonal range of our best selling djembe. Learn More

  7. Stallion_Pro_African_Djembe,_10-11_in._Head

    Stallion Pro African Djembe, 10-11 in. Head

    The Stallion Pro African djembe drum provides a beautiful palette of tones in a sleek package. This drum is a staff favorite because many of these drums have beautiful skins with natural markings that add a unique personality to each drum. Learn More

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