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  1. Peruvian Amazon Gourd Rattle - Natural - Mini

    Our fair trade, hand-carved gourd rattles are made in Peru. The gourds grow in the warm central valleys of the Andes, the coastal oasis and the jungles. After harvesting, they are dried, skinned and sanded smooth. Intricately carved and worked by artisans freehand on the gourd surface. Natural color with a variety of birds, flowers, and other musical instruments. These rattles come in a range of lengths from 4.25 to 5.5 inches and widths from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.  Perfect for travel or children. Complete with woven cotton string handles. Peru.

  2. Peruvian Carved Gourd Rattle- Small

    Our fair trade, hand carved gourd rattles are made in Central Peru. The gourds are grown in the warm Central Valleys of the Andes, the costal oasis and in the jungles. After harvest they are thoroughly dried, skinned and then sanded smooth. The designs are carved on the gourd without sketching creating many intricate designs. Our designs vary so let us pick one for you.  Sold individually.  Gourd carving is one of the oldest art forms in Peru and dates back to 2,500 BC.
  3. Peruvian Maraca Painted

    Hand painted percussion maracas are made in Peru.  Maracas or rattles are used in Latin-American music. They are shaken, one in each hand, with the rhythm of the music. Maracas are so popular they are now a standard part of orchestral percussion sections. Shamans may sometimes use maracas or rattles to invoke the gods, raise energy, dispel evil spirits and bring joy to the listeners. Sold Individually.

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3 Item(s)