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  1. Peruvian Amazon Gourd Rattle - Small

    Our smaller ceremonial hand crafted rattles are made by the artist in Peru. Each features a hand-etched subject on front and back of an animal totem, moon, sun or a traditional Peruvian design motif. Trimmed atop the chonta handle with molted Amazon bird feathers and colorful cotton thread windings. Each piece is a unique work of art and has it own sound. Price is per piece. Your choice of styles.

  2. Peruvian Carved Gourd Rattle

    Our fair trade, hand carved gourd maracas are made in Central Peru. The gourds are grown in the warm Central Valleys of the Andes, the costal oasis and in the jungles. After harvest they are thoroughly dried, skinned and then sanded smooth. The designs are carved on the gourd without sketching creating many intricate designs. Our designs vary let us pick one for you.  Gourd carving is one of the oldest art forms in Peru and dates back to 2,500 BC. Sold Individually.

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2 Item(s)