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  1. 3 inch OM Lotus Meditation Bowl in Gift Box

    This powerful meditation bowl and box is designed with a traditional rendering of the sacred mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, translated as hail to the jewel in the lotus. This is the ancient Tibetan mantra or prayer for realizing perfect wisdom and compassion. To simply hear or see the mantra, even without knowing its ultimate meaning, is thought to bring positive karmic results.  The mantra is depicted inside a lotus, one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols commonly associated with the process of becoming a buddha.  Bowl comes with its own striker made of wood.  

  2. 3 inch Om Mani Meditation Bowl in Gift Box

    This handcast meditation bowl is carefully hand tuned for clarity of sound but not intended for use as a traditional singing bowl. The paper used to make the attractive box comes from the bark of a sustainably harvested Himalayan shrub called lokta. Inside are instructions for a simple meditation using the bowl.

  3. Fish Tingsha Table Chime

    To enter awareness of Zen is to wake up to the here and now. As the vibration of the chime begins, our awareness comes into focus. We are in the moment of the ring as suddenly as the sound begins. Our hand cast chimes are made by Tibetan metal craft artisans living in India, and our Table Chimes are excellent for use in meditation, teaching settings, musical applications or as an attractive table top decoration.

  4. Singing Bowl - 4.5 inch - Tibetan Bronze Engraved

    •  Buddha
    •  Chenrezig

    This sonorous engraved singing bowl is handcrafted of 100% Bronze, created using the original hand casting techniques so as to produce a beautiful, multiple harmonic sound. Buddhist Tibetan mantra is engraved around the outside and a Buddha deity figure is seated on the inside bottom. Outside bottom has engraving too. Comes with its own wooden mallet. Bowl measures 4.5 inches [11 cm] in diameter and 2 inches [4.5 cm] high. Hand made in Nepal.

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4 Item(s)