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  1. Bliss Singing Bowl - 4.5 in.

    A beautiful singing bowl with the symbol of a double dorje, or vishvavajra, decorating the inside bottom.  The double dorje is represented by two dorjes connected to form a cross. It represents the foundation of the physical world and is also associated with certain tantric deities.  Hand tuned bowl is made by fair trade artisans in Nepal and has a unique resonance.  Comes with its own wooden striker.  

  2. Handcast Brass Singing Bowl - 6 in.

    Handcast singing bowls from Nepal are exceptional examples of traditional craftsmanship. They provide an excellent tool for meditation, as well as an impressive piece of harmonic home decor! Each one is handmade in brass produces a powerful harmonic resonance when played. Lightly tap the exterior rim and move the striker around the outer edge, firmly, slowly and with a stead even motion. The intensive energy that went into making the bowl is summoned forth. The vibration extends from the bowl into your body and soul, connecting you with the artisans and elements they wrestled with to create this fine work of art. 

  3. Singing Bowl - Blue - 5.5 inch

    •  Buddha Eyes

    Our beautifully hand painted blue bowl features a variety of symbols in gold color on the inside, outside and bottom. Designs all reflect various religious beliefs and motifs of Buddhism. Choose from Om in Lotus, Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, Buddah Eyes, Double Dorje, Endless Knot and Labyrinth symbols. Bowls come with their own mallets. Crafted in Nepal.

  4. Singing Bowl - Hand Hammered - 6 inch

    This simple yet beautiful Tibetan singing bowl is handcrafted from seven metals using original hand pounded techniques so as to produce a beautiful, multiple harmonic sounding bowl.  Without additional color, engraving or decoration, this bowl sings sweet and is a perfect addition to your home altar or sacred space.  Wonderful aid to meditation, re-balancing yourself or your sacred space.  6 inches [11 cm] in diameter and 3.5 inches high.  Comes with wooden striker. Hand made in Nepal.

  5. Singing Bowl - Red- 5.5 inch

    This hand painted red singing bowl reflects an Om symbol on the inner bottom. Designs may vary from that, but all reflect various religious beliefs and motifs such as Buddhist deities, the Eight Auspicious Symbols, Buddha images,Om Mani Padme Hum mantras, Dragons, the Eye of Buddah, Double Dorjes, various mandalas, Lotus Flowers and Yin Yang symbols. Crafted  in Nepal.

Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)