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  1. Peruvian Amazon Colorful Gourd Rattle - Painted - Short

    •  Green
    •  Red Llama
    •  Purple White

    Our fair trade, hand-carved gourd maraca rattles are made in Central Peru. The gourds grow in the warm central valleys of the Andes, the coastal oasis and the jungles. After harvesting, they are dried, skinned and sanded smooth. Artisans carve freehand on the surface, creating intricate designs. Hand painted featuring a variety of different scenes, including birds, flowers, llamas and other indigenous designs. String hole in handle. Short sizes range from 4.75 - 7.5 in L with a 2 - 3 in diameter. Choice of colors. Some variation in design and size may occur. Peru.

  2. Cacho Seed Pod Shaker

    Our very percussive seed pod cacho or shaker is handcrafted on bamboo stick. Colorful cotton thread windings are added to the handles.  Colors vary. Peru

  3. Cacho Gourd & Seed Pod Shaker

    Our very percussive seed pod cacho, or shaker, is handcrafted from a native gourd which is burnished and etched with geometric designs. Colorful bird feathers are added to the top and a tassel is attached with black braided cord.  Colors and sizes vary. Handcrafted in Peru.
  4. Cacho Bell Shaker

    A wonderful rhythm keeper, our sonorous cacho bell shaker is handcrafted in Peru.  The handle is made from bamboo. The bell straps come in various colors and is trimmed with wispy tassels.

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4 Item(s)