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  1. Jammer African Djembe, 11-12 in. Head.

    This djembe is beautifully crafted, built to last, and sounds absolutely phenomenal!! We recommend this drum for beginner and intermediate players.

    Regular Price: $330.00


    You Save: $130.00 (39%)

  2. Native American Style Buffalo Hide Frame Hand Drum 18 in.

    2.5 inches deep.  Hand-held Native American Inspired hoop drums are perfect for drum circles, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal or ceremonial rituals.

    We lace the drums onto a separate piece of rawhide for even pressure, preventing tearing.

    The drum handles are wrapped in leather and made so you can slide your hand underneath so it fits like a glove!

    Every drum order includes a buckskin beater!

  3. X8 Drums Kalimantan Djembe, Medium - 12 inch

    The X8 Drums Extra Small Kalimantan Djembe is a great choice for little players or as a gift for percussionists. Standing 24 tall with a 12 diameter drum head, it comes with a fitted tote bag to make carrying it to gigs easy as pie. Each drum is made from a solid piece of legally harvested environmentally sustainable mahogany hardwood. A Kalimantan bird carving on the base of the shell is topped off with a dark wood stained wood finish. The drum head is a premium selected goatskin with a traditional rope tuning system.

    Regular Price: $330.00


    You Save: $127.00 (38%)

  4. X8 Drums Red Black Djembe, Medium - 12 inch

    This Red and Black hand carved djembe packs a serious punch! The 12 size is great for teen and adult players offering the full sonic palette of djembe sound. The drum features a two tone contrast of red and black stripes offering a bit of attitude. Master carvers have paid special attention to the detailing of this drum to provide a unique rough texture. The premium goatskin head is secured with a traditional rope tuning system. Dimensions 12” Diameter Head x 24” Tall.

    Regular Price: $330.00


    You Save: $120.01 (36%)

  5. X8 Drums World Tribal Djembe, Medium - 12 inch

    The World Tribal djembe drum features intricate tribal carvings on an extra big body offering rich sounds. This is a player's djembe that sounds absolutely fantastic and is hand carved to perfection. Features: Legally Harvested, Environmentally Sustainable Mahogany Wood, One Piece Mahogany Solid Shell Construction, Lathe Turned for Uniform Thickness, Premium Selected Goatskin Drumhead, Shells are kiln dried with up to 20 coats of teak oil to protect and preserve the wood. Dimensions: 12” Diameter Head x 24” Tall.

    Regular Price: $350.00


    You Save: $130.01 (37%)

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5 Item(s)