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  1. 4 inch Brocade Singing Bowl Cushion

    Complement your singing bowl and meditation practice with this elegant brocade cushion for your singing bowl. The pillow can also be used for the display of statues, jewelry and other objects of beauty. The durable brocade is a mix of silk and synthetic fibers. Measures 4 inches square - plus or minus 0.5 inches and approx. 1.5 inches thick. Corner tassels. Coordinated color center yarn tuft. Your choice of colors. Made in Nepal.

  2. 6 inch Singing Bowl Cushion

    Thinner style singing bowl cushion is richly colored with embroidered designs in contrasting colors on top surface which imitate an elegant brocade. Cushions are 6 inches in diameter and approximately 1/8 inch thick. Thin style makes it easily portable and fits easily in some gift boxes. Suitable for singing bowls up to 7 inches in diameter. Your bowl will sit steady and safe on this cushion and still sing resonantly.

  3. Peruvian Amazon Gourd Rattle - Natural - Mini

    Our fair trade, hand-carved gourd rattles are made in Peru. The gourds grow in the warm central valleys of the Andes, the coastal oasis and the jungles. After harvesting, they are dried, skinned and sanded smooth. Intricately carved and worked by artisans freehand on the gourd surface. Natural color with a variety of birds, flowers, and other musical instruments. These rattles come in a range of lengths from 4.25 to 5.5 inches and widths from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.  Perfect for travel or children. Complete with woven cotton string handles. Peru.

  4. Peruvian Carved Gourd Rattle- Small

    Our fair trade, hand carved gourd rattles are made in Central Peru. The gourds are grown in the warm Central Valleys of the Andes, the costal oasis and in the jungles. After harvest they are thoroughly dried, skinned and then sanded smooth. The designs are carved on the gourd without sketching creating many intricate designs. Our designs vary so let us pick one for you.  Sold individually.  Gourd carving is one of the oldest art forms in Peru and dates back to 2,500 BC.
  5. Remo Drum Beater

    Remo Drum Mallet with black handle and soft covered rubber head.

  6. Singing Bird Clay Whistle on Cord

    Whimisically decorated bird whistle plays a single note. Comes as shown in sand, or in red or black.  Hand made of clay in Peru.

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  7. Singing Bird Mini Whistling Vessel on Cord

    Delightful bird-shaped miniature whistling vessel can chirp like a bird! Simply fill the hole at the top of the head with water and then blow in small puffs through the hole in the tip of the tail to create unusual whistling sounds. Plays like a whistle without water too. Comes with a black braided cord so it also can be worn around the neck. Call in the spirits. Made in Peru.
  8. Singing Dolphin Clay Whistle on Cord

    •  Orange
    •  Burgundy
    This dandy diving dolphin whistle is decorated by hand and then attached to a black braided nylon cord so you can wear it around your neck. Delightful. Your choice of colors. Made in Peru.
  9. Singing Duck Clay Whistle on Cord

    Our darling duck whistle is deftly decorated with hand painting. Sweet whistle sound too. Makes a nice present. Use to decorate wrapped packages or as party favors. Your choice of colors. Made in Peru.

  10. Singing Fish Clay Whistle on Cord

    Fashionable and fun, our fish whistles sound a single note. Wear as a necklace on black braided cord. Choice of color. Hand made in Peru
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Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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