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  1. Diamond_Pro_African_Djembe,_10-11_in._Head

    Diamond Pro African Djembe, 10-11 in. Head

    Hand carved from a solid piece of Mahogany, the Diamond Pro African djembe features a natural stained finish and a premium authentic goatskin head with hair for greater tonal range. Learn More

  2. Duafe African Djembe - 11-12 in. Head

    Duafe African Djembe - 11-12 in. Head

    The Duafe Djembe features a hand-carved African Adinkra symbol of beauty and desirable feminine qualities. Master carvers have paid special attention to the detailing in the base of the drum to provide a unique texture. Authentic goatskin heads are secured with low-stretch Alpine Nylon HTB 5mm rope runners. We recommend this drum for beginner to intermediate players. Learn More

  3. 8_in._Seven-Metal_Tibetan_Singing_Bowl_w/_Free_Cushion

    Handbeaten Singing Bowl - 8 in. w/Cushion

    Handbeaten singing bowls from India are exceptional examples of traditional craftsmanship. They provide an excellent tool for meditation, as well as an impressive piece of harmonic home decor! Each one is handmade with a special bell metal alloy that produces a powerful harmonic resonance when played. Lightly tap the exterior rim and move the striker around the outer edge, firmly, slowly and with a stead even motion. The intensive energy that went into making the bowl is summoned forth. The vibration extends from the bowl into your body and soul, connecting you with the artisans and elements they wrestled with to create this fine work of art. Includes leather striker. Includes wooden striker, and elegant  red brocade pillow.

    Learn More

  4. Matahari_Pro_African_Djembe_10-11_in._Head

    Matahari Pro African Djembe 10-11 in. Head

    The 10-11" Matahari packs a whole lot of punch in a mid-size drum. The range of tone is stunning and is most sought after for its especially crisp slap. Learn More

  5. Native_American_Style_15_in._Elk_Hide_Frame_Hand_Drum Native_American_Style_15_in._Elk_Hide_Frame_Hand_Drum

    Native American Style 15 in. Elk Hide Frame Hand Drum

    Hand-held Native American Inspired hoop drums are perfect for drum circles, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal or ceremonial rituals.

    We lace the drums onto a separate piece of rawhide for even pressure, preventing tearing.

    The drum handles are wrapped in leather and made so you can slide your hand underneath so it fits like a glove!

    Every drum order includes a buckskin beater!

    Learn More

  6. Native_Sunrise_Djembe,_11-12_in._Head

    Native Sunrise Djembe, 11-12 in. Head

    New Native Sunrise djembe, beautifully hand carved and hand painted tribal design. Available in three sizes, recommended for beginner to intermediate players. Learn More

  7. Ruby_Pro_African_Djembe,_10-11_in._Head

    Ruby Pro African Djembe, 10-11 in. Head

    The Ruby Pro African djembe drum is a masterpiece in both design and sound. The stunning ruby finish compliments the professional tonal range of our best selling djembe. Learn More

  8. Stallion_Pro_African_Djembe,_10-11_in._Head

    Stallion Pro African Djembe, 10-11 in. Head

    The Stallion Pro African djembe drum provides a beautiful palette of tones in a sleek package. This drum is a staff favorite because many of these drums have beautiful skins with natural markings that add a unique personality to each drum. Learn More

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