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  1. Frankincense Tears Ancient Resin Incense - 1 oz

    Frankincese is the quinteessential incense. It has the greatest association with spiritual practice of any substance on earth. Frankincense is the resin of the sacred Boswellia tree and has been used since ancient times by the civilizations of Egypt, Africa and Mesopotamia. It is also the famous incense from the bible thought to awaken a feeling of union with the divine. With a characteristic purifying and relaxing quality its character is thought to strengthen willpower, self-confidence and determination.

  2. Three Kings Incense Gift Box

    What a great Christmas gift - combining our Frankincense, Peruvian Myrrh and Amazon Gold resin incence into a beautiful gift box. In addition we have add a roll of Swift Lite Charcoal and a small soapstone charcoal burner - everything you need to get started. A unique gift idea for that someone special.  It is all thoughtfully packaged in a box made from 100% recycled paper and wrapped in colorful tree free, handmade ribbon made recycled cotton fabric scraps.  

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2 Item(s)