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  1. Benzoin of Sumatra Resin Incense - 1 oz

    Our Benzoin of Sumatra resin incense burns fresh and fragrant and is said to be sweet and soothing, some say it smells a vanilla-like. Derived from trees, benzoin is believed to have antiseptic, stimulant, expectorant and diuretic properties and is included in some medicaments. Gum benzoin is a major component of the type of church incense used Catholic ceremonies and some other Orthodox Christian societies. Resin pieces & powder are packaged in a round tin.

  2. Original Healing Tibetan Incense Sticks

    Original Healing Tibetan Incense, this healing incense is made with 31 purely natural herbal ingredients prepared entirely by hand according to the ancient Tibetan medical system. Beautiful aroma.

  3. Tara Healing Tibetan Incense Sticks

    Tara healing incense has been used for centuries and is used as the traditional Tibetan medicine for stress, depression and tension. It is mixed by hand according to the ancient Tibetan Medicine system and is composed of 31 different pure and natural herbs. Mm mm.

  4. Tibetan Green Tara Incense Sticks

    Green Tara solid stick Incense is purely hand prepared from highly aromatic medicinal herbs and other precious substances.  The combination of genuine scented substances makes Green Tara incense richer and superior in quality than other incenses.  Individual box contains 21 solid sticks measuring 5.75 inches in length.   Use this incense for puja offerings and purification, but it is also used as an air freshner which keeps one's surroundings flavored with good scent.  We recommend use with an ash-catcher or box type burner.  Made in Nepal.

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4 Item(s)