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  1. Arrayan Loose Leaves

    (Myrcianthes sp) Traditional incense in leaf form used to drive away negative thoughts. It attracts prosperity and success in business and love. Helpful to use with Swift lite Charcoal when burning.

  2. Incienso Sahumerio Incense Sticks

    A package containing 6 four inch sticks of handmade Peruvian incense. The rich, sweet scent of a mixture of palmetto, palo santo and other herbs from Peru make this a wonderfully calming incense for meditation, prayers, or simply to scent a room. Each stick can be extinguished and re-lit many times.

  3. Muna Loose

    (Minthostachys setosa) Used as a natural aromatic incense, the Andean mint has a deep scent that cleanses negative vibrations that can get trapped in houses and offices. 

    Muna also makes a lovely tea that is often served in restuarants in Cusco.

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3 Item(s)