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Peruvian Andean Coca Leaf Bag w/Strap

Peruvian Andean Coca Leaf Bag w/Strap


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Peruvian Andean Coca Leaf Bag w/Strap « »


Q'ero Ch'uspa Coca Leaf Bag - Inti w/strap


Peruvian Wool Shoulder Tote

Peruvian Andean Coca Leaf Bag w/Strap

Quick Overview

Exquisitely handwoven colorful wool coca bag, or chuspa, featuring a traditional diamond design. Soft from the use of alpaca yarn blend in the hand weaving. This bag works perfectly for carrying your bottle of Florida water or sacred khuyas to ceremony. Features long 8 inch fringe and 19 inch shoulder strap drop.  Handwoven in Peru.  

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  • 6 x 8 inch

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Chuspa is a Quechua word meaning purse or bag. Men and women have used chuspas in their different forms for more than 2,000 years. Some highly decorated chuspas are used only for special occasions, as part of the dancers' costumes during festivals.