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  1. Singing Bowl Peace Buddha Gift Box - 4 inch

    A beautiful singing bowl gift box with an image of the Peace Buddha worked on the inner bottom. This lovely gift box comes complete with three-metal bowl, embroidered, tasseled square cushion, and wooden striker -- all in a beautiful handmade lokta paper box with a string and button closure. A perfect gift for family, friends & students. Bowl 4 inch diameter and 2.25 inches high.  Yellow square cushion 4 x 4 inches . Striker is 5 inches long.  Box size is 5 x 5 x 4 inches. Handmade in Nepal.

  2. Singing Bowl - Hand Hammered - 6 inch

    This simple yet beautiful Tibetan singing bowl is handcrafted from seven metals using original hand pounded techniques so as to produce a beautiful, multiple harmonic sounding bowl.  Without additional color, engraving or decoration, this bowl sings sweet and is a perfect addition to your home altar or sacred space.  Wonderful aid to meditation, re-balancing yourself or your sacred space.  6 inches [11 cm] in diameter and 3.5 inches high.  Comes with wooden striker. Hand made in Nepal.

  3. Tibetan Lotus Seed w/Turquoise Lama Bracelet

    This Lotus Seed Bracelet  with one individual turquoise accent stone is handmade by local people of Kathmandu Valley Nepal. Made from genuine lotus seeds, it also features a gold tassel. Each bead measures 8 mm in diameter. Seeds are strung on an elastic string and wrist mala is adjustable to fit all. This bracelet has 21 lotus seed beads and is 100% handmade. 

  4. Tibetan Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala

    Because it is made with seeds from the Buddha wisdom tree, a bodhi seed mala is considered auspicious to use for all practices. This mala is designed to help keep your place in the rhythmic recitations of mantra prayers. Made from locals residing in Kathmandu Valley, each bead measures 10mm diameter. It also features a red cord with knotted detail. Strung on a stretchy brown cord. Handmade in Nepal.

  5. Buddha Singing Bowl Gift Box - 4 inch

    A beautiful singing bowl gift set with a Buddha design worked on the inside bottom of the bowl. Outside is decorated with the Buddha Eyes symbol and the bottom bears the double dorje symbol. Lovely gift box comes complete with singing bowl, cushion, and wooden striker all in a beautiful handmade blue lokta paper box. A perfect gift for all. Bowl measures approximately 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches high. Wooden striker is about 5 inches long. Box size is 5 x 5 x 3.5 inches.  Cushion is 4 inches square. Made in Nepal.

  6. Singing Bowl - 4.5 inch - Bronze Engraved Tibetan Symbols

    A beautiful, highly reflective, engraved bronze with 3 metal alloy Tibetan Singing Bowl. Made by special craftsmen, each bowl bears a hand engraved figure on the inside bottom and with decorative groves encircling the outside of the bowl.  Available in three different Tibetan Buddhist styles:  Double Dorje, Buddha Eyes and 5 Mudra Buddha.  Select your style below. Approximately 4.5 inches in diameter by 2 inches high.  (11 x 5 cm). Made in Nepal. 

  7. Buddha Copper Tibetan Incense Burner

    Catch your ashes from burning incense sticks.This ornateTibetan Incense Burner is accented with the Sacred Mantra OM MANI PADME HUM on two sides. Other Buddhist deities grace the four outside corners, and inside.   Three holes are provided on an inside flap to hold your sticks. Red coral accent stones on either side and inside are nice touches. Stands on four small feet. Burner measures 8 inches long and almost 2 inches wide. Incense not included. Handmade in Tibet.

  8. Tibetan Conch Shanka - Lord Buddha

    This Tibetan conch shankar was designed to be played as a ritual trumpet. Fashioned from a white conch shell, it is expertly and heavily carved with multiple depictions of Lord Buddha and other decorations and designs. A perfect piece for your shrine or altar. It also plays beautifully with a very resonant sound.  Shell measures approximately 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. Made in Nepal.

  9. Medicine Buddha Box

    Our Medicine Buddha Gift Box holds many ritual objects for your daily practice including a tiny Buddha figurine, Khata (traditional Tibetan greeting scarf), Tea Candle, Aromatic Medicine Buddha solid incense sticks, gilded ceramic bodhi leaf-shaped stick incense burner, and a set of Tibetan Flags. On the outside of the handmade lokta paper box, depicted in gold colored Tibetan script, is a rendering of the Medicine Buddha and the Mantra recited every day for success and to help eliminate the problems, unhappiness and suffering we don’t want and gain the success, happiness, inner growth and realizations of the path that we do want. Lord Buddha said even animals who hear this mantra will never be reborn in the lower realms. The highly attained Kyabje Choumlden Rinpoche said if one recites this mantra at the time of death one will be reborn in the pure land. so recite it not only for healing, but also to benefit people and animals all the time, whether they’re living or dying. You can take our compact 6 x 6 inch Medicine Buddha Box with you when you travel. The inside lid also bears the image of Buddha and the short form of the mantra. Handmade in Nepal.

  10. Singing Bowl - Blue - 3.25 inch

    Our beautifully hand painted blue bowl features a variety of symbols in gold color on the inside, outside and bottom. Designs all reflect various religious beliefs and motifs of Buddhism. Choose from Om in Lotus, Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, Buddah Eyes, Double Dorje, Endless Knot and Labyrinth symbols. Mallet not included. Crafted in Nepal.

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