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Ceremonial Vibrational Plant Essence: San Pedro

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Essences of ceremonial plants used by indigenous peoples for healing and spiritual experiences. San Pedro Cactus Trichocereus pachanoi - South American cactus. Assists function of energy body as filter for external energies: i.e., auric protection, immune system discernment. Impacts communication throughout body systems. Filters information coming into the psyche for clear messages of good intent; useful in power/ manipulation. Assists influx of Light to higher chakra centers.


Flower essences are easy, harmless healing modalities that incorporate change on all levels of the body and psyche. They are part of a larger category of healing called vibrational medicine which includes homeopathy, gem elixirs and environmental, astrological and angelic elixirs. These vibrational remedies work primarily on levels of consciousness; new to Western civilization, they have been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples of Australia and other continents. In their modern form they were developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, an English homeopath searching for an effective healing mode that would cause no harm to the patient.

Because these are vibrational remedies and not herbal preparations or essential oils, a laboratory analysis would reveal no physical presence of the plants themselves. Rather, similar to homeopathic remedies, their energies exist only on vibrational levels, which modern science has developed very few techniques for measuring.

The Remedies: These flowers are called out and "asked" to be added to the vibrational repertory. Many of the remedies are made using a "no-pick" method, leaving the plant unharmed. This is a process of co-creation with devic or angelic forces which biomagnetically imprint the pure water with the plant's energies; the essence is then further stabilized and amplified when required.

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