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Chinese Inscribed Teaching Plaque


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Chinese Inscribed Teaching Plaque

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This curious plaque is believed to be a shaman's teaching plaque. This stone plaque is said to be made by or for a shaman. At a gathering, the shaman would hand out the proper lessons carving on a plaque to be prayed to as a learning process.
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A shaman is an educator and teacher, not a caster of evil spells. The spells or chants are to dispel evil spirits. His or her job is to make life easier by coming up with innovative answers to daily problems. This builds trust and belief in his/her awareness. As heaven's servant, he/she spends time dreaming up different ways of survival. Teachings range from hunting to family matters. The shaman will design a better arrow and stronger bow string; study game habits and find favorite fishing holes. Food, shelter and friends are provided for his/her knowledge of life-saving time. An established shaman becomes a healer and advisor to the clan tribe. Much of the knowledge is handed down to the generations, namely the use of plants for medicine.