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Chosen by the Spirits - Sarangerel

Chosen by the Spirits: Following Your Shamanic Calling - Sarangerel


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Chosen by the Spirits - Sarangerel « »

Chosen by the Spirits: Following Your Shamanic Calling - Sarangerel

Quick Overview

Mongolian shamaness Sarangerel provides a hands-on guide for serious students of the shamanic path. * Includes complete directions for traditional Siberian rituals, meditations, and divination techniques never before published. * Shows how to recognize and acknowledge a call from the spirits. * Offers traditional wisdom for nurturing a working relationship with personal spirit helpers to promote healing and balance in a community.

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The shaman's purpose is to heal and restore balance to his or her community by developing a working relationship with the spirit world. Mongolian shamanic tradition maintains that all true shamans are called by the spirits--but those who are not from shamanic cultures may have difficulty recognizing the call or nurturing the essential shamanic relationship with their helper spirits.

Buryat shamaness Sarangerel has written Chosen by the Spirits as a guide for both the beginning shaman and the advanced practitioner. Although raised in the United States, she was drawn to the shamanic tradition, and in 1991 returned to her ancestral homeland in the Tunken region of southern Siberia to study with traditional Buryat shamans. Her first book, Riding Windhorses, provided an introduction to the shamanic world of Siberia. Chosen by the Spirits delves more deeply into the personal relationship between the shamanic student and his or her "spirit family." Sarangerel recounts her own journey into shamanic practice and provides the serious student with practical advice and hands-on techniques for recognizing and acknowledging a shamanic calling, welcoming and embodying the spirits, journeying to the spirit world, and healing both people and places.

About the Author

Sarangerel was trained in the Mongolian and Buryat shamanic traditions by native teachers who are now free to practice again following the collapse of the Soviet Union. She is the foreign outreach representative of the Golomt Center for Shamanist Studies and the Mongolian Shamans' Association. She lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and Ulan-Ude, Siberia, and travels periodically to the United States to give workshops.