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David And Steve Gordon: Drum Cargo Rhythms Of Wind

David And Steve Gordon: Drum Cargo Rhythms Of Wind


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David And Steve Gordon: Drum Cargo Rhythms Of Wind « »

David And Steve Gordon: Drum Cargo Rhythms Of Wind

Quick Overview

Drum Cargo Rhythms of Wind CD by David & Steve Gordon offers drum music for dancing and yoga music.

Make contact with empowering Shamanic rhythms from the world over. Master drummers David & Steve Gordon have blended the sounds from their extensive collection of Tribal drums and world percussion with uplifting melodies of Native American flute. Along with renowned drum wizards Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran, they have created an enlivening Shamanic drumming album that will set your spirit free. Feel your body and soul move to the global beat as your mind is centered and clear.

Listen to Drum Cargo Rhythms of Wind while driving, for concentration at work, for yoga, for an eclectic soundtrack for parties or working out, or any time you need an energy boost.

Drum music has been used for thousands of years to cultivate personal power, to center the mind and fortify the spirit. Get in the groove and let these rhythms of wind clear away blocks and connect you with the pulse of the planet!

While David & Steve Gordon have been exploring the earthy goodness of Shamanic rhythms in their music for over two decades, they've reached new levels of percussive joy with their Drum Cargo series. These albums are solely about the drumming, showing how the raw, primal nature of the drum translates into music so infectious it's impossible to sit still.

Drum Cargo Rhythms of Wind includes Taos log drums, dun duns, frame drums, conga drums, djembe, dumbek, cajon, bongos - these drums come from all corners of the world and lend to the rich percussive sound present here. Being wind-based, the album also features subtle tones of Native American flute wafting in the backdrop.

Great for focus, trance dance, yoga or simply any time you need a boost of invigoration and adventure in your day.

"The Gordons have juiced up the tribal groove … compelling." -Billboard


  1. Eagle Drum Dance

  2. Faithkeeper Wind Pulse

  3. Spiritwalk Drums

  4. East Wind Drum Call

  5. Cloud Lodge Rhythms

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