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Michael Moon: Deep Peace


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Michael Moon: Deep Peace

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Offers New Age music of pure acoustic instrumental sounds with Tibetan bowls and overtone singing for relaxation. Soaring harmonies resonate with the four elements and induce a sense of deep inner peace. Gentle melodies on vibraphone, marimba, flute, lute, santur, overtone singing & Tibetan bowls, entrain you to the rhythms of the earth and the harmonies of the spheres. This healing symphony takes you on a journey to peace using techniques of sound healing and shamanism.
Michael Moon is an international musician, composer and performer from Toronto, Canada, specializing in the power sound has to heal and transform. Michael Moon's music is unique in that it is not simply for entertainment purposes but also moves energy and can be used as a healing tool. The music is mystical and entheogenic in nature, gently altering the listener's consciousness, while entertaining, and has roots in shamanism, tantra, eastern mysticism, and the western mystery school traditions.
This CD comes with a DVD! Spectacular photographs of nature beautifully layered with the music to create a stunning audio visual journey through the 4 elements. Deep Peace is pure acoustic sound: no synthesizers or sequencers were used.
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