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Earth Jagua Body Art Set


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Earth Jagua Body Art Set

Quick Overview

Here is the hottest new body painting kit to hit the market! EARTH JAGUA is the simple, safe, and all-natural solution to creating hip, realistic BLACK tattoos that are temporary, without dangerous chemicals or needles!

"Jagua" (scientific name genipa americana) is an edible, orange-size, tropical fruit with a thick rind found in the Amazon. The natural dye is extracted from the unripe fruit and used for many purposes by indigenous people throughout Central and South America, especially for body adornment. Its medicinal properties are well documented, chief among them the ability to repel insects and, when taken internally, to treat bronchitis.

This kit contains the original Earth Jagua Tattoo Kit; the exciting new book by Carine Fabius, Jagua — A Journey into Body Art from the Amazon; and Land of Jagua, a fascinating 30-minute DVD that takes viewers to the heart of the Amazon.

Part of the proceeds from every sale of the Earth Jagua Body Art Set is sent to the Matsés to help pay for medicine and other necessities.

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About the Earth Jagua Tattoo Kit

A safe and natural way to stain the skin blue/black, just like a real tattoo. Create beautiful designs that fade away in 10-15 days! The kit comes with:

  • Enough pre-mixed Earth Jagua Gel for 10-15 designs
  • Professional applicator bottle and two fine tips
  • 18 re-usable, no-fuss stencil transfers
  • Eucalyptus oil for transferring stencils to skin

What's special about Earth Jagua? No pain! No permanence!  

"Earth Jagua" Fact Sheet

§  Earth Jagua is 100% safe for everyone.

§  Earth Jagua does not contain PPD or any other toxic chemicals.

§  Earth Jagua is not henna, nor does it contain henna.

§  Earth Jagua dyes the skin blue-black, just like the color of a permanent tattoo.

§  Earth Jagua lasts 10-15 days on the skin, then disappears completely.

§  Skin type, and where it is applied on the body, may produce slight variations in color.

§  Earth Jagua requires no mixing.

§  With Earth Jagua, it takes 12-24 hours for the color to appear and fully develop, just like natural henna!

§  Using Earth Jagua is totally pain-free.

§  Earth Jagua is a dye and will stain if it comes in contact with clothing or furniture, but not after the body ink dries on the skin.

§  Swimming in chlorinated pools will make Earth Jagua tattoos fade more quickly.

§  Earth Jagua can be re-applied as tattoo starts to fade, or as often as desired.

§  Earth Jagua shows up perfectly on dark skin.