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Golden Bodhi Notecards - Set of 6


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Golden Bodhi Notecards - Set of 6

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Bodhi is a Sanskrit word that literally means awakened. The bodhi tree was so named because the Buddha attained the awakened state or enlightenment under its spreading canopy. Since then the meaning of this fabled leaf has symbolized the perfection of wisdom in its most ultimate state. A gilded bodhi leaf graces the front of these fabulously red cards.

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Each card and self-adhesive envelope is protectively packaged in an individual sleeve. The upper left corner of the sleeve has an attractive green and white sticker mentioning that the item is made of ''Tree Free Eco Paper''. All of our paper gifts are made with Nepalese lokta. The lokta shrub regenerates after every cutting, thus providing a sustainable and important source of income for rural people while preserving Nepal?s fragile mountain ecology. Set of 6.