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Kjarkas - 40 Anos Despues...

Kjarkas - 40 Anos Despues...


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Kjarkas - 40 Anos Despues... « »

Kjarkas - 40 Anos Despues...

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40 Years After...Special 2 disc set.  The greatest of the great, Andean musicians that led American folklore to the top, are undoubtedly the Kjarkas, a group that revolutionized the Andean music art for almost 40 years and over lifelong delighted us with priceless masterpieces. And everything in the Kjarkas is grand: it's a great group with great musicians, great compositions and a great story, it's been great performers and composers of caliber, always maintaining a household family around Hermosa. The name comes from the word Kharka which in Quechua means trembling. For many fans the Kjarkas are certainly the best Andean music ensemble that exists, and some of their songs have such quality and beauty that hearing more than one, just makes us shudder and shake ...

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Los Kjarkas is a Bolivian band from the Capinota province in the department of Cochabamba, and one of the most popular Andean folk music bands in the country's history. Among the styles they play are Saya, tuntuna, huayño, and carnavales. The instruments they use include the charango, quena, zampona, ronroco, guitar, and bombo.