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Groupo 5: El Ritmo de mi Corazon

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The Rhythm of My Heart.  Popular Peruvian Music. Edicion Especial.  2 disc set.  


In recent years, Group 5 seems to have reached the pinnacle of its career. Producer Michelle Alexander made the TV series Pure Heart, which was broadcast in America; the orchestra's history was also seen in the movie Motor and Reason.  Also, songs like Hands Up, You Are, I Fell for You and What, Pure Heart and Hypocrisy have become the most popular.


We had a very difficult time, but in recent years we have enjoyed popularity. After 2007 a new musical history began the new Group 5 said Chico Yaipén, son of the late Elmer Yaipén Uypán, who 40 years ago founded the orchestra originally from Monsefú, Chiclayo.  The second generation went beyond the legacy of its founders: to make their music transcend borders not only physical, but social ones. Group 5 has conquered both neighborhoods. We are proud Group 5 has reached all strata and that our story has been told in film and television. It's very difficult today, says Elmer. It was my father's dream, a hardworking person, who would be glad to know, thanks to the affection of the public, the orchestra has come so far.


Far from having enjoyed so little time in such popularity, the Group 5 has a new album, The Rhythm of My Heart, which follows the theme of the same name, composed by Gian Marco with songs like Shame and The Subienda.  We are proud to have his participation on the record, said Christian Yaipén, the youngest member of the orchestra. I'm with the group for two or three years. I am grateful to my father and my family, he said.



The Rhythm of My Heart.  Popular Peruvian Music. Edicion Especial.  2 disc set.  

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