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Health and Wellbeing

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  1. Blendtec_Connoisseur_Blender_A3-31e-Bhm

    Blendtec Professional Blender A3-31E-BHM

    Blender's Smart-Touch technology touchpad controls automatically speed up, slow down and shut off when cycle is complete. 

    Six pre-programmed blend cycles, LCD display. Above-counter and in-counter options.  Comes with 64 oz. and 96 oz. jars. 1500 watts, 13 amp. Warranty 5 years for motor, 1 year on jars, life-time on the blade.

    Formerly called the Connoisseur.

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  2. Green_Star_Elite_Jumbo_Twin_Gear_Juice_Extractor_(GSE-5000)

    Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor (GSE-5000)

    The only juicer you’ll ever need! For juicing fruits and vegetables of virtually every description, The Green Star Juice Extractor has no rival. From hard roots (carrots, ginger) to fibrous stalks (celery, rhubarb) to even the toughest leafy greens (kale, wheat grass), nothing is better at unleashing every drop of nutrition from fresh produce to boost your health, energy and overall sense of well-being. All models contain everything you’ll need for easy juicing and food processing. 

    Green Star Juicers feature an exclusive low-speed, quiet and heavy-duty Twin-Gear impeller press system that operates with minimal noise, friction and heat, preserving even the most fragile nutrients. HD Twin-Gear juicing technology produces higher juice yield and enhances the nutritional value of every drop. UL, CE, and TUV certified with 5 year warranty. Set includes fine screen, glass juice pitcher, cleaning brush, plastic and wooden plungers; coarse screen, drip tray; strainer, and breadstick maker set.

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  3. Tom_Dickson_Extreme_Blender_Model_A3-72E-50V

    Tom Dickson Extreme Blender Model A3-72E-50V

    20 Amp Convertible blender - Countertop or built-in
    Tom Dickson Signature Series©
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  4. Vitamix_Vita-Prep_3_Blender_Model_1005 Vitamix_Vita-Prep_3_Blender_Model_1005

    Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 Blender Model 1005

    Commercial version of the popular Vitamix 5200 but with 3 HP instead of 2! More power!

    Vita-Prep produces silky smooth purees, grinding whole spices and grains, chopping vegetables and more. Vita-Prep outlasts other blenders 3 to 1, and for many well-known chefs, the Vita-Prep has become essential in the back-of-the-house commercial kitchens.

    Vita-Mix welcomes you to try the most powerful blender and food processor on the market. The Vita-Prep 3 boasts a powerful 3 HP motor that will tear through the heaviest and thickest ingredients with ease. Already known as the high-speed king, the Vita-Prep 3 especially excels at low-speed operations when you only wish to lightly chop foods without totally liquefying them. Grind meats for pate or chop tough vegetables for authentic Mexican salsa without overheating! Use the variable speed for perfect purees, savory soups and delicious frozen treats. The Vita-Prep 3 is NSF-Certified to ensure the highest level of food safety in your kitchen.

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