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Health and Wellbeing

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  1. Roses_Soap

    Roses Soap

    Rose helps circulate liver chi/qi in chinese medicine, this means it can help with contrained emotions. Esoterically, rose helps us emotionally as well and it helps us absorb the invisible rays of the cosmos that rain down from the planets and the stars. Rose is good for spiritual development and for attracting people that are truly interested in spirituality.Imported from Peru.

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  2. Raw Organic Red Quinoa 16 oz

    Raw Organic Red Quinoa 16 oz.

    Organic red quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) was once called "the gold of the Incas" for increasing the stamina of Incan warriors. Quinoa has a light, fluffy texture when cooked, and its mild, slightly nutty flavor makes it an alternative to rice or couscous. Our organic quinoa is grown wild and free of any pesticides and chemicals.

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  3. Raw Organic Cacao Nibs Bali 8 oz Raw Organic Cacao Nibs Bali 8 oz

    Raw Organic Cacao Nibs Bali 8 oz

    These crunchy morsels are more than just an uplifting snack - Cacao Nibs may be one of the most nutritious foods on Earth!


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  4. Peruvian_Pink_Salt_from_Maras_-_8_oz.

    Peruvian Pink Salt from Maras - 8 oz.

    Peruvian Pink Salt from Maras. This very special high vibrational salt comes from an ancient ocean inside the Earth. (It is said that it goes through an area lined with rose quartz.) It comes out in a warm stream onto flat ponds located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas - at a 10,000 foot altitude high in the Andes. Straight from the salt flats. All natural.  Not processed. Sold in 8 oz. packet. 

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  5. Peruvian_Florida_Water_Soap

    Peruvian Florida Water Soap

    A Florida water soap made in Peru.

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  6. Maca Magic Organic Extract - 1 oz

    Maca Magic Organic Extract - 1 oz

    Perfect when you want the power of Maca in a concentrated liquid form. Many people use this for long drives or late night studies!

    Organic Maca Magic Express Energy liquid is naturally sweet since it is selected from sweet hypocotylo Maca Magic root.

    Just add a few droppers full to juices, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or rice milk. Also tastes great just in a glass of water. Learn More


  7. Lotus_&_Violets_Soap

    Lotus & Violets Soap

    This soap from Murray & Lanman made in Peru and featuring as the name implies the sensual fragrances of Lotus and Violets. Learn More

  8. Living_Zen_Sunflower_Flax_Crackers

    Living Zen Sprouted Raw Sunflower Flax Crackers

    100% Organic, Sprouted LIVE Raw Flax Crackers. Made fresh and delicious by the monks of the Detroit Zen Center. These raw crackers taste amazing and contains organic: sprouted flax seeds, sunflower, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, rosemary, oregano, basil, and sea salt.

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  9. Living_Zen_Raw_Pumkin_Seeds

    Living Zen Sprouted Raw Pumpkin Seeds Chipotle Garlic

    • 100% Raw
    • 100% Organic
    • Sprouted
    • Made by the Monks of the Detriot Zen Center
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    Retail Price: $8.95

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  10. Kallari_Organic_Single_Source_Chocolate_Bar_85%_Cacao

    Kallari Organic Single Source Chocolate Bar 85% Cacao

    The passion fruit and mahogany notes are perfectly enhanced with a touch of sugar. This recipe has the richness of a high cocoa content bar, as well as our characteristic smooth finish.

    Save $1.00 per bar if you buy 3 or more!

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