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  1. Blendtec_Home_Blender_Fourside_Package_Red_(w/_64_oz_Carafe)

    Blendtec Home Blender Fourside Package Red (w/ 64 oz Carafe)

    The all-in-one appliance to help you every day.
    Total Blender Classic Series is the all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with one fast easy-to-use machine, at a fraction of the cost.
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  2. Blendtec_Home_Blender_Wildside_Package_Red_(w/_96_oz_Carafe)

    Blendtec Home Blender Wildside Package Red (w/ 96 oz Carafe)

    Large jar with precision tuned 4" blade package. Smoother blends, less time; take your blending to the WildSide!
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  3. Blendtec_Connoisseur_Blender_A3-31e-Bhm

    Blendtec Professional Blender A3-31E-BHM

    Blender's Smart-Touch technology touchpad controls automatically speed up, slow down and shut off when cycle is complete. 

    Six pre-programmed blend cycles, LCD display. Above-counter and in-counter options.  Comes with 64 oz. and 96 oz. jars. 1500 watts, 13 amp. Warranty 5 years for motor, 1 year on jars, life-time on the blade.

    Formerly called the Connoisseur.

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  4. Breville_BBl605XL_Hemisphere_Control_Blender

    Breville BBl605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

    The Hemisphere Control is a 750W blender with LCD timer, pre-programmed Ice Crush and Smoothie settings, which automatically alters speeds to improve blending results.

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    Retail Price: $249.95

    Your Price: $199.99

    You Save: $49.96 [20%]

  5. Breville_Control_Grip_Stainless_Stick_Blender

    Breville Control Grip Stainless Stick Blender

    Simple soups can often be hard to make, as stick mixers are notoriously clunky to hold and suffer from excessive suction, rawing the mixer to the base of the bowl or pot.  Not any more with this Control Grip Stainless Stick Blender from Breville.

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    Retail Price: $149.99

    Your Price: $99.99

    You Save: $50.00 [33%]

  6. Breville_Control_Grip_White_Stick_Blender_w/Chopper_Bowl_Ice_Crush_Blades

    Breville Control Grip White Stick Blender w/Chopper Bowl Ice Crush Blades

    Making a simple soup with a traditional immersion blender can be hard work for your hands. Fingers held in awkward positions and the suctioning of the immersion blender to the pot are the main causes for this discomfort.  Now get a grip with the Control Grip Stick Blender from Breville.  Now with Chopper bowl ice crush blades.  

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    Retail Price: $99.99

    Your Price: $69.99

    You Save: $30.00 [30%]

  7. Tom_Dickson_Extreme_Blender_Model_A3-72E-50V

    Tom Dickson Extreme Blender Model A3-72E-50V

    20 Amp Convertible blender - Countertop or built-in
    Tom Dickson Signature Series©
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  8. Tribest_Dynablend_Horsepower_Plus_Blender Tribest_Dynablend_Horsepower_Plus_Blender

    Tribest Dynablend Horsepower Plus Blender

    Dynablend Horsepower Plus High Power Blender is beautifully designed to provide the power and capability that all other high power blenders do, but with added features.

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  9. Tribest_Personal_Blender_for_Mason_Jars_PB-350 Tribest_Personal_Blender_for_Mason_Jars_PB-350

    Tribest Personal Blender for Mason Jars PB-350

    Now you can blend, serve, and store your favorite blended recipes in the same glass container with the Tribest Mason Jar Personal Blender single-serving blender and grinder! The Mason Jar Personal Blender has all of the time saving and convenient features of the original Tribest Personal Blender, but uses glass mason jars as the blending, serving, and storage containers. It is compatible with most* regular-mouth mason jars, making the possibilities for upgrading limitless. With the Tribest Mason jar Personal Blender, you blend, serve, and store your recipes in the same container, so there's no waste, no mess, and no hassle. Learn More

  10. Tribest_Personal_Blender_PB150

    Tribest Personal Blender PB150

    As versatile as it is portable, the Tribest Personal Blender delivers an impressive 200 watts of ice-crushing, smoothie-making power wherever you plug it in. Tribest Personal Blender is compact and smartly designed with high impact BPA Free copolyester containers for blending, grinding or serving. The package conveniently includes one commuter lid to take your drinks with you on the go and one regular lid for easy storage. Capable of 2 function modes: One-touch pulse mode or press down for continuous blending/grinding operation. Learn More

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