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Green Star GS-2000 Complete Juicer and Food Processor

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Product Dimensions: 12.5" high x 6.5" wide x 19" deep

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Quick Overview:

The Green Star GS-2000 Complete Juicer and Food Processor comes with a complete set of juicing and food processing attachments.Same as 1000 model, except includes drip tray, coarse screen and strainer.  It includes the fine screen to extract juice with minimal pulp; the coarse screen to extract juice with more pulp mixed in; the homogenizing blank for basic food processing; the hand held strainer for complete control over juice clarity; and the drip tray to prevent messy spills on your kitchen counter. All Green Star models also conveniently include a glass juice pitcher, wooden plunger, plastic plunger, and cleaning brush.   It can also process whole  foods, making favorites like almond and date pie crusts, pates from nuts and vegetables, sauces from a vast array of  ingredients, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and more.


Formerly the Green Life juice extractor by - Performs a powerful triturating action through its heavy duty Twin Gears whilst remaining at a slow speed of 110 RPM. This means the juice extracted from fruits and vegetables retains the live enzymes and vitamins thus ensuring it is of the highest quality, whilst radically slowing down the oxidation of the juice to give it a longer shelf life. Multiple award winning machines of unsurpassed quality, the Green Star juicers have been around since the early 90’s.

The Green Star juicer GS2000 uses twin gears made of Stainless Steel to crush the produce down to a cellular level and then expels the juice and fibre separately via pressure applied in the juicing chamber. The twin gears also contain magnets and bio-ceramic materials inside them, these are said to extract higher levels of minerals from the produce and to also give fresher juice that’s enzymes and vitamins have a longer shelf life.

The fact that the twin gear juice extractors operate at a very low speed when compared to many other juicers also helps to considerably slow down the oxidation of nutrients. There is virtually no heat transfer, thus helping in retaining the enzyme content. The technology of the Green Star GS2000’s twin gears enables juice to be stored for up to 48 hours in the fridge without significant loss of nutritional value.

The Green Star GS-2000 can also process whole foods by using the included homogenising screen, making things like almond and date pie crusts, pates from nuts and vegetables, sauces from a wide range of ingredients, baby foods, smoothies, frozen fruit desserts, nut butters and more. 

Twin Gear Technology

Twin Gears cut and juice all vegetables including carrots, celery, leafy vegetables and wheatgrass. It is also capable of juicing harder fruits like apples and pears. The twin gears feature a pocket recessed area to easily accept fibrous vegetables and herbs. 3 separate points cut strong fibres like celery so the appliance does not get clogged or jammed. The gap between the gears is 0.1mm (4/1000 of and inch), this combined with its other features gently extract more juice, leaving the ejected pulp drier than other none twin gear juicers.

At only 110 revolutions per minute, heat build up is reduced to a minimum, therefore oxidation is delayed allowing a more leisurely consumption of the juice whilst still getting the full nutritional benefit. A recent independent comparative study on how 5 different juicers effect juice stability showed that apples at 59.9°F juiced in a Green Star only increased in temperature a bit over 0.5°F to 60.44°F. The other 4 juicers ranged from almost 3.5°F to over 14°F higher than the original temperature of the fruit (these machines were all of the high-speed variety).

Bio-Ceramics and Magnets

At the centre of each gear is a series of in-line magnets that produce a focused magnetic field of 2600 gauss through which the juice passes during the juicing process. As the juice flows through this focused field, the water molecules in the juice are broken up allowing the atoms to recombine with other minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium to produce new molecular structures. This magnetic process therefore extracts a greater degree of minerals and nutrients from the produce during juice extraction and is instrumental in keeping those minerals in a suspended colloidal form the body can use for a longer length of time.

Far Infrared is the natural resonant frequency range of water and allergenic substances including man. Infrared wave length ranges from 0.7 to 1000 microns, just beyond visible light. Far Infrared is a part of this wave length family we use in Infrared photography, mapping the earth’s surface, and guiding missiles to their target. Our skin radiates 9.36 microns Far Infrared wave which is very close to the resonant frequency of a water molecule - and rightly so since our bodies are about 70 % water. Far Infrared waves are the safest and most beneficial energy source available.

The Green Star GS1000 juicer has a specially formulated bio-ceramic material around the in-line magnets at the centre of each twin-gear. The Bio-ceramic compound uses the mechanical energy from the turning of the twin-gears to generate Far Infrared waves that penetrate the water within the juice. Since water naturally resonates at this frequency, the water molecules not only receive the Far Infrared energy but also radiate it, thus further stabilizing the fragile structure of the juice.

Separating Agricultural Chemicals and Heavy Metals

Did you know that apples have usually been sprayed around 22 times before they reach the shops and commercially grown carrots are often used as a crop to "clean" the soil? The extraction method of Twin Gear Juicers gets rid of about 70 to 80% of toxic agro-chemicals and heavy metals from produce. This is one of the reasons we recommend to choose the Green Star Juice extractors or any of our Twin Gear machines. Otherwise, be sure to buy organic produce for juicing, as you don’t want a concentrated cocktail of chemicals.

The Principle of Dr. Norman Walker

The Twin Gears have the ability to remove a high level of agricultural chemicals and heavy metals through the triturating and squeezing process, according to the founder of the "Living Juice" machine - Dr Norman Walker. The principle is as follows: if leaves, stalks or roots are squashed by using steel plates, stones or wood mortars and squeezed, enveloped by hemp cloth, juice and sap penetrate and only fibre waste remains. The degree of affinity of fibre for agricultural chemicals and heavy metals is so high that they remain together with the fibre waste. This is how the Green Star’s triturating process can obtain pure juice eliminating a high amount of agricultural chemicals and heavy metals by rotating Twin Gears, crushing vegetables and squeezing pulp through the fine screen that acts the same as a hemp cloth.

Product Features
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up
  • Easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables and grinds nuts & grains
  • Works as a food mill for preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Portable with balanced sure grip handle for easy carrying

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